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[解决] Centos7-x64系统安装Questasim-10.4c的详细流程

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{Refs: ; ; ;}

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  1. :$



    1. Install QuestaSim 10.4c in CentOS 7
        a. > unzip "QuestaSim-10.4c-64bit.tar.gz" to $HOME
        b. > chmod a+x install.linux64
        c. > sudo ./install.linux64
        d. Install Mentor Graphics QuestaSim 10.4c to $QUESTASIM_PATH (QUESTASIM_PATH=/opt/mentor/questasim)
            {Note: installing location: /opt/mentor}
        e. Config PATH: add the following environment variables to .zshrc or .bashrc (in ~)            # QuestaSim PATH
            export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/mentor/questasim/LICENSE.dat     # license in $QUESTASIM_PATH
            export QUESTASIM_PATH=/opt/mentor/questasim
            export PATH=$QUESTASIM_PATH/linux_x86_64PATH
            export PATH=$QUESTASIM_PATH/binPATH

    2. Crack
        a. copy sfk & MentorKG.exe to $QUESTASIM_PATH
            > sudo cp {sfk,MentorKG.exe} /opt/mentor/questasim/
            {Note: exe file is 32bit}
        b. > cd $QUESTASIM_PATH
        c. install wine 32bit through < ...> or < ... l-and-centos-7/>,
        > wine     # to download and install some dependency packages.
            {Note: need long time. The official yum mirrors only support wine 64bit, so we need to compile wine 32bit by ourself or install the personal yum mirror which support wine 32bit}
        d. > wine MentorKG.exe
        wAIt for a moment, and save the generated license file (named LICENSE.dat) to $QUESTASIM_PATH
            {Note: the LICENSE.dat in "crack-for-linux" folder is for PC 2dml.2dmldomain (IP:}
        e. > sudo chmod a+x sfk
        > sudo ./sfk rep -yes -pat -bin /5589E557565381ECD00000008B5508/31C0C357565381ECD00000008B5508/ -bin /5589E557565381ECD8000000E8000000005B81C3/33C0C357565381ECD8000000E8000000005B81C3/ -bin /41574989FF415641554154554889CD534489C3/33C0C389FF415641554154554889CD534489C3/ -dir /opt/mentor/questasim
            {Note: some files (maybe 2 files) should be changed}
        f. > vsim
        g. Please enjoy yourself! If you meet some problems about package dependency, please go to "## Dependent packages and solutions"

    3. Dependent packages and solutions
       {Note: Some packages are in "dependent-packages-for-questasim-10.4c" folder}
        a. Could not find or "No such file or directory"
            > yum whatprovides <lib_name>   # find which package provide <lib_name>, e.g.: <lib_name>
            > sudo yum install glibc.i686   # for
            > sudo yum install compat-libstdc++-33.i686   # for

        b. Error when starting the license manager on Linux (lmgrd): "Command not found" or "No such file or directory"
            i. lmgrd is a binary executable file. It is the lack of dependent packages so that we could not execulate it. So we should first check its necessary dependent packages using ldd command:
                > ldd lmgrd
            ii. Check all the dependent packages list below and install the missing packages. As for lmgrd, the missing package is lsb, install it using the following command:
                □ Debian and Ubuntu: need p "lsb-core". Command:
                    > sudo apt-get install lsb-core
                □ Red Hat and CentOS: need package "redhat-lsb". Command:
                    > sudo yum install redhat-lsb
                □ OpenSUSE: need package "lsb". Install using the YaST package manager.

        c. Error: 'error: ** Fatal: Read failure in vlm process (0,0); Segmentation fault (core dumped)'
            i. Download the freetype package (or use it in "dependent-packages-for-questasim-10.4c" folder) and compile it.
                {Note: necessary compiling package should be installed: > sudo yum install gcc}
                > cd ~/Downloads
                > mkdir freetype        
                > wget ... type-
                > tar -xvf freetype-
                > cd freetype-
                > ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/freetype --without-png
                > make -j8
            ii. The finished libraries are now available inside the "objs/.libs" directory. As they are necessary to run QuestaSim we need to copy them into the install directory so they don't get lost and then modify QuestaSim's vsim script to use the new libraries instead of the system wide versions. Change directory to the directory where you installed QuestaSim, /opt/mentor/questasim, on my system. Note you may need to edit the directory paths to match those used on your system.
                > cd /opt/mentor/questasim
                > sudo mkdir freetype
                > sudo cp ~/Downloads/freetype/freetype-* ./freetype

            iii. Now we need to edit the vsim launch script to ensure the new freetype libraries are used:
                > sudo cp vco vco.bak
                > sudo chmod u+w vco
                > sudo vi vco
            iv. Search for the line " dir=`dirname "$arg0"` " and underneath add the following new line:
                > export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/mentor/questasim/freetype
            v. Then remove the writeable permition to protect the vco file:
                > sudo chmod u-w vco
            vi. Open new terminal to update PATH.
            {Refs: ; ... tarter-edition.html ;}

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这个安装了lsb,输入lmgrd -c /home/chenyi/programs/Questa10/questasim/license.dat还是显示没有此命令怎么办?能帮忙解答下吗?
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这个安装了lsb,输入lmgrd -c /home/chenyi/programs/Questa10/questasim/license.dat还是显示没有此命令怎 ...

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[root@localhost questasim]# wine MentorKG.exe
0009:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0 stub

Mentor Graphics MGCLD License KeyGen V11.4
⌐ 2020 by Team EFA (Eda For All).

Failed to load package info...

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[root@localhost questasim]# wine MentorKG.exe
0009:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0 stub

Mentor Graphics MGCLD License KeyGen V11.4
⌐ 2020 by Team EFA (Eda For All).

Failed to load package info...


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[root@localhost questasim]# wine MentorKG.exe
0009:fixme:heap:RtlSetHeapInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0 ...


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