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[招聘] Cadence 上海招聘FPGA 产品工程师

[招聘] Cadence 上海招聘FPGA 产品工程师

If you have interest, PLS send your update CV to简历投递格式:姓名+学校+申请职位+工作地点)

Job Title: Principal Solutions Engineer

Location: Shanghai

Position Description:

The Protium Principal Solutions Engineer position is responsible for both creating and deployment new technology and solutions for Cadence Protium FPGA Prototyping Platform. The job function involves the following:

1. Support customers and field to map ASIC designs to Protium  FPGA prototyping platform.

2. Create new solutions for Protium FPGA prototyping platform that involve creating RTL designs for FPGA, board designs for accessories or developing advanced prototyping flows and methodologies.

3. Working with R&D to define and review future product capabilities.

4. Manage beta programs and launch of new products.

5. Prepare Cadence field resources for new deployment including AE training and collateral development like application notes, reference designs, demos.

6. Assist field and customers on root causing complex issues on Protium FPGA prototyping platform.

Position Requirements:

1. The position requires BSEE, or equivalent, with a minimum of 5 years of industry experience with FPGA based hardware solutions. Must have excellent communication skills with both written and spoken English.

2. Deep technical expertise in FPGA design for either Alteraor Xilinx products is required. Expert knowledge in FPGA design methodologies including high speed design, serial protocols and FPGA timing closure is also required.

3. Must have excellent hardware and system debug capabilities.

4. RTL design knowledge using Verilog/SystemVerilog is required along with experience using RTL verification tools and flows. Verification experience using Cadence simulation and/or emulation products is highly desired. Programming experience with scripting languages like Perl, TCL, C-shell is strongly recommended.


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