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[资料] Automotive Systems Engineering

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Automotive Systems Engineering
By Markus Maurer, Hermann Winner

ISBN: 3642364543

This book reflects the shift in design paradigm in automobile industry. It presents future innovations, often referred as “automotive systems engineering”. These cause fundamental innovations in the field of driver assistance systems and electro-mobility as well as fundamental changes in the architecture of the vehicles. New driving functionalities can only be realized if the software programs of multiple electronic control units work together correctly. This volume presents the new and innovative methods which are mandatory to master the complexity of the vehicle of the future.

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This book discusses the concept of system engineering on automotive. It majorly introduces the "methods" and "tools" for system engineering. I can not find automotive electronics or other technical details. Consider it as a textbook of system engineering discussion rather than a EE/ME technical book.
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Thanks for sharing~!
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xie xie~
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