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[统计] ICC的退出方式调查

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如果查看版图的话都是鼠标,有时候还会出窗口要先点save-all还是discard all,然后才能关闭。

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大家都知道ICC启动慢,干活也慢,就连退出都慢。刚开始进入这后端设计这行业,我是规规矩矩的输入exit退出, ...
angangang3484 发表于 2013-11-11 17:36

   为什么在我这里连三次ctrl C之后,相应的mw cel会加个.lock文件?使得下次不能打开这个cel,除非手动删除.lock文件。

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 楼主| 发表于 2013-12-9 10:10:46 | 显示全部楼层
回复 5# sjtusonic


When I open a Milkyway library in IC Compiler or Astro, I notice that a .lock file is created in the Unix library directory. What is the purpose of this file?


When you open a Milkyway library with IC Compiler or Astro, the tool creates a .lock file for the library in its Unix directory.

This .lock file does not prevent other users from opening the same library. A library can be opened by multiple users or processes for read and write.

The purpose of the .lock file is to ensure that the library can be modified only by one process at one time. The .lock file is used as a handle for library synchronization among multiple IC Compiler executables (or any other Milkyway-based executables, such as Astro or Milkyway Environment) when multiple processes or users try to modify the library at the same time.

The .lock file is not removed from the Unix library directory after the library is closed. The implementation requires the .lock file to be present in the library directory at all times, even after the library has been closed.


My disk usage is being increased by the following files inside the Milkyway database created by IC Compiler:


How are these files created and used by IC Compiler, and can I manually remove them?


These files are temporary files created by IC Compiler during the execution of certain commands. After these commands complete, IC Compiler removes these temporary files. If for some reason IC Compiler does not successfully complete the command, either through a user 'kill' sequence or a tool fatal, these temporary files might remain inside the database. These files might also appear if you copy a Milkyway database while a cell is open and commands are actively being run on it.

The naming convention for these files is


It is safe to remove these temporary files as long as the corresponding design cell is not open. The safest way to do this is to check for .lock files that match the following pattern: CEL_NAME:version.lock. If there is no lock file, it is safe to remove these @ temporary files. If there is a .lock file, you should check with the owner of the lock file before removing these @ files.


When I try to open a library, Astro fails with the following messages:INFO: Could not lock the library for write, locked by another user. Trying again...INFO: Could not lock the library for write, locked by another user. Trying again......INFO: Could not lock the library for write, giving up.Error: cannot open library bali for write. (MW-006)Fail to execute command


Often this is caused when there is a network problem or Astro terminated abnormally, leaving an idle process ID.First check for the presence of any .lock files or any *.lock cells in your Milkyway design library.  If there are any present, delete them using the UNIXdelete command "rm".If Astro still issues the failed messages, as a workaround, set the followingto turn off library locking:dbSetNewLibLockMode #f

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发表于 2015-1-22 20:50:14 | 显示全部楼层

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发表于 2015-10-27 15:25:34 | 显示全部楼层
回复 1# angangang3484

   您好!我最近刚学ICC,请问ICC里面有Milkyway environment tools 吗,没有的话就得装一个Milkyway 工具,请问您那有这个安装包吗?这个问题困扰我很久了,论坛中有人说astro中有milkyway,但是我这边没装这个,实在是绞尽脑汁也解决不了milkyway library的问题,请您帮帮忙!谢谢!

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发表于 2016-4-4 05:51:46 | 显示全部楼层
刚开始学的问题很多的, 慢慢适应吧, 很多东西看习惯了就好

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发表于 2016-4-5 19:15:32 | 显示全部楼层

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