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[招聘] Cadence 招聘软件/产品工程师

[招聘] Cadence 招聘软件/产品工程师

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.(Nasdaq股票代码:CDNS)是全球领先的EDA 软件开发商以及半导体知识产权(IP)的领先供应商。全球知名半导体与电子系统公司均将Cadence软件作为其全球设计的标准。Cadence公司总部位于美国加州圣荷塞市,在全球有近7000名员工,于1992年进入中国市场,建立了上海、北京、深圳分公司以及上海研发中心、北京研发中心。他们主要承担美国总部EDA软件研发任务,力争提供给用户更加完美的设计工具和全流程服务。


一. 全职- 软件研发工程师(机器学习方向)

该职位将Machine learning/ Deep learning应用在全新的EDA领域。

Position Description:
1. Responsible for modeling the difficult problems in the domain of physical design with neural network.
2. Responsible for designing and implementing neural networks to improve current physical design flow.

Position Requirements:
1. Deep understanding of machine learning and deep learning.
2. Familiar with at least one main stream open source deep learning library, such as TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, Mxnet, CNTK, …
3. Familiar with the latest progress in the domain of deep learning, such as generative adversarial networks, attention model, deep reinforcement learning, ResNet, ….
4. Able to quickly understand a paper and implement its algorithm using the libraries mentioned aboveC.
5. Experience applying deep learning to the domains other than image/speech/natural language is preferred.

二. 全职/实习- 软件研发工程师(数字后端C++)




三. 全职/实习- 产品工程师

Position Description:
1. Work in shanghai Silicon Signoff and Verification (SSV) electrical PE team, focus on Voltus Power System and Tempus Timing System.
2. Support key customer engagements and local AEs to help on the business increase.
3. Working as a domain expert to well communicate with customers for their valuable feedbacks.
4. Co-work closely with R&D team to enhance the tool based on customers' real demanding.

Position Requirements:
1. Master with 3-8 years working experience or Bachelor with about 6-8 year experience. IC design background, Cadence Innovus(Encounter) platform experience will be a plus .
2. Need electrical analysis, power signoff experience is required and timing signoff experience is plus.
3. Working experience with foundry and process tech files, spice models are desired.
4. Product Engineering and customer supporting experience is desired.
5. Good communication in English and Chinese, good confidence and good self-motivation.


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