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[资料] ACE 3000 格式转换工具 DXF, GDSII, Gerber, Postscript, PDF, ODB++

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本帖最后由 gaoyuhai 于 2016-10-16 17:52 编辑

ACE 3000 V6 - Convert DXF, GDSII, Gerber, Postscript, PDF, ODB++, TIFF, BITMAP, STEP, STL, and more.The Easiest CAD/EDA/3D Conversion tool available
ACE 3000 is perfectly suited for converting AutoCAD DXF and DWG files to manufacturing formats like: Gerber, Drill, GDS-II, and ODB++. ACE includes the most comprehensive set of DXF import options available - giving you more Power & Flexibility. ACE allows you to selectively control how each layer is imported, choose which blocks to import, and so much more.

ACE 3000 V6.2 HeXIe
PJ.rar (13.08 MB, 下载次数: 63 )
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