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[求助] ADS仿真飞思卡尔mrf8p9040n功率管报错

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Simulation / Synthesis Messages
Error detected by hpeesofsim in loading dynamic device code during netlist parsing.
    The library:
    appears to have been compiled with the wrong compiler, as it uses a DLL
    of type:
        Visual Studio .NET 2010
    The library must have been compiled with the same version of Visual
    Studio as the simulator; using a diferent compiler version can cause
    a number of undesirable issues, such as, but not limited to:
        1. Random and intermittent simulation errors.
        2. Random and intermittent simulation nonconvergence.
        3. Random and intermittent simulation crashes.
        4. Random and intermittent incorrect simulation results.
    Because of this, the simulation is being terminated.
Status / Summary

hpeesofsim (*) 371.400 May 13 2011 (built: 05/25/11 12:48:45)
Copyright Agilent Technologies, 1989-2011.
Simulation terminated due to error.
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