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Yellow is the day the door of people

(reporter correspondent yu -min wang , yao laughed fall intern zhoubing qing chang zhou jiping ) the day before yesterday , see huang mei wuzu temple abbot master endure through the newspaper donate another $ 20,000, funded suffering from brain stem epidermoid cyst of the graduate yellow governance disease.

yellow is the day the door of people ,juicy couture sale, in july last year after graduating from wuhan university ,juicy couture bags, wuhan polytechnic university, obtaining a graduate student . but unfortunately suddenly upon us, he has not had time to to the new newspaper , he was diagnosed with brain stem epidermoid cyst .

as a serious condition,juicy couture outlet, he was sent to beijing tiantan hospital for treatment. hospital has just spent several hundred thousand dollars a month , no place to raise post- treatment costs .

yellow 's family situation is very bad , the father of a family to rely on temporary workers who earn a living playing , i thought about to graduate will be able to share the burden of home ,moncler coats, but now it befell the unfortunate. since leaving the original school , did not go to the new newspaper , can not enjoy health insurance .

it is reported that over the past decade ,juicy couture diaper bag, see different forms of funding through the forbearance master hubei some school children in poor areas ,juicy couture outlet, poor students , elderly, people affected and donations to the schools , poor road and bridge repair , etc. , the cumulative contribution of up to 9000 million.

statement : sina posted this article for more information to pass , does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description .
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