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[原创] 数字IP外包(SDMMC,音频接口,Digital camera interface)

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有三个数字IP需要外包,工期到年底,做到跟spec reg到reg兼容。欢迎有相关经验的联系。
The SDMMC features include the following:
• Full compliance with MultiMediaCard System Specification Version 4.2. Card support for three different databus modes: 1-bit (default), 4-bit and 8-bit
• Full compatibility with previous versions of MultiMediaCards (forward compatibility)
• Full compliance with SD Memory Card Specifications Version 2.0
• Full compliance with SD I/O Card Specification Version 2.0: card support for two different databus modes: 1-bit (default) and 4-bit
• Data transfer up to 50 MHz for the 8 bit mode
• Data and command output enable signals to control external bidirectional drivers.

• Two independent audio sub-blocks which can be transmitters or receivers with their respective fifo.
• 8-word integrated FIFOs for each audio sub-block.
• Synchronous or asynchronous mode between the audio sub-blocks.
• Possible synchronization between multiple SAIs.
• Master or slave configuration independent for both audio sub-blocks.
• Clock generator for each audio block to target independent audio frequency sampling
when both audio sub-blocks are configured in master mode.
• Data size configurable: 8-, 10-, 16-, 20-, 24-, 32-bit.
• Audio protocol: I2S, LSB or MSB-justified, PCM/dsp, TDM, AC’97

Digtial Camera interface
• 8-, 10-, 12- or 14-bit parallel interface
• Embedded/external line and frame synchronization
• Continuous or snapshot mode
• Crop feature
• Supports the following data formats:
– 8/10/12/14- bit progressive video: either monochrome or raw bayer
– YCbCr 4:2:2 progressive video
– RGB 565 progressive video
– Compressed data: JPEG

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SD2.0/3.0 原版协议,SDBUS/SDSPI模式都实现过,留个联系方式吧
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