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[原创] Synopsys 招聘 EDA软件产品验证(南京/上海)

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Platform Validation Engineer isresponsible for validating the industry leading SOC implementation tools andflow solution, like IC Compiler II,Design Complier and Digitaldesign flow solution etc.

·      UnderstandCustomer request, Base on asic design flow to test Hier flow related features.

·      Validatesynopsys Hier flow, Keep to trace Hier flowsQOR/Performance. Cross multi products, Include Design Complier/DCRT, ICC/ICC2,Formality etc.

·      Understandcustomer usage, propose new request, to enhance Hier Flow solution.

·      Designand develop test programs in Perl, TCL and C/C++, including test tools andautomated test suites.

Job Requirement:

·      MS in EE, Microelectronics or relevant withthree years experience

·      Be proficient in ASIC design back-end flow. Knowlow power solution. Expected to identify classical solutions to problems underlittle review and guidance

·      Team-worker and great learner with PASSION!

Must have strongcommunication and interpersonal skills

·      Must have good verbal and written communicationskills for both Chinese and English

·      Knowledge and experience in one or more of thefollowing CS fields is a strong plus:

·      Programming language (C/C++, Shell, TCL, Perl,Python etc.)

·      Unix/Linux operating system

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