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[招聘] [招聘]美资公司_上海_模拟设计工程师(高速接口方向)

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Job description

In this position, the individual will beresponsible for design, simulate and verify high speed analog circuits,engineering support for NAND flash memory customer issues, do silicon test,characterization and debugging.

The individual also will be responsible forvalidating design of NAND flash memory under expected use cases.  

The individual must have proven ability toachieve results in a fast moving, dynamic environment.  

Self-motivated and self-directed, however,must have demonstrated ability to work well with people.  

A proven desire to work as a team member,both on the same team and outside of the team.  

Ability to troubleshoot and analyze complexproblems.  Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.  

Excellent communication (written andverbal) and interpersonal skills.

Skill set requirements:

1.      Experiencein High speed designs (e.g. PCIe, HDMI, SerDes) is preferred,

3.     Ability to readand understand basic analog/digital circuit design schematics and layout

3.     Ability to readand understand Verilog coded design, simulate and check waveforms

4.     Capability todebug silicon and probe design signals for failure root cause analysis

5.     Strongcommunication skills

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现在是一家美资公司,一家初创公司和一家内存接口芯片在找比较资深的做高速接口的analog designer,如您感兴趣,可加微信沟通:18851334902
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现在是一家美资公司,一家初创公司和一家国内的内存接口芯片公司在找比较资深的做高速接口的analog designer,如您感兴趣,可以微信沟通:18851334902
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