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[招聘] Cadence 招聘信号完整性产品验证工程师

[招聘] Cadence 招聘信号完整性产品验证工程师

Senior PV Engineer -Sigrity and Allegro PCB SI(信号完整性)

Location: SH

If you have interest, PLS send your update CV to

Position Description:

We are looking for a signal integrity engineer with 2+ years of experience in High Speed design. You will be responsible for testing and overseeing the quality management of our family of software products that deal with PI/SI design.

You will work within a global multi-functional team to review project plans and functional specifications, develop test criteria and written test plans, manually exercise and test functionality of the Allegro PCB SI and Sigrity products and develop automated tests within the existing test environment. As this position requires a good understanding of the signal integrity knowledge. You will maintain regression tests and evaluate results on a regular basis.

Position Requirements:

-BS Degree is required, MS is preferred.
-Working experience with the Sigrity tools is strongly desired.
-Solid understanding of the following: signal integrity, modeling and simulation.
-Recent experience with signal integrity tool is a must.
-Knowledge of other PCB design, routing, and packaging is a plus.

-Knowledge of Windows and Linux platforms is essential.
-Any experience in software validation.
-Programming knowledge in Perl is strongly desired.
-Experience with an error tracking and reporting product is valuable.

Basic Abilities
-Strong written and verbal communication skills, in English and Chinese are mandatory as the candidate will be interacting with a global team based in the US and China.
-Ability to follow a schedule is essential.
-Familiarity with software development life cycle is a plus.
-Ability to detect, report and explain defects effectively is crucial.
-Possess good analytical, problem solving skills.
-Understand test processes and methodologies in a software development environment.
-Self-starter, self-sufficient, able to work independently as well as with teams, able to multitask.


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