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[招聘] 模拟开发工程师招聘

[招聘] 模拟开发工程师招聘

某外资半导体招聘模拟开发工程师, 年薪20~60w
1.        Solid understanding of analog circuit design, including feedback theory, device mismatch, noise and nonlinearity issues. Experience with the following basic analog circuits: opamps, comparators, bandgap references, voltage regulators.
2.        Experience with one or more of the following analog IPs: Delta-Sigma ADCs, Current-Steering or Delta-Sigma DACs, Temperature Sensors, Power Amplifiers, PLLs, Clock and Data Recovery, Transmitters and Receivers.
3.        Independent research capability.  Ability to conduct literature research and complete designs with limited guidance.
4.        Experience in system modeling with Matlab, Simulink, Veriloga is a strong plus.
5.        Experience in digital-signal processing, digital filters is a strong plus.
6.        Experience with signal integrity, power integrity, EMC/EMI, ESD testing is strong plus.
7.        Experience with MCU is plus.
8.        Good oral and verbal communications in English.

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