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[招聘] 美光半导体招聘模拟电路设计工程师-浦西漕河泾

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analog Circuit Designer 模拟电路设计师(半导体记忆电路设计,DRAM/闪存设计,模拟设计)


You will work as an analog designer at Micron ShanghAI Design Center,experience with mixed signal circuit design will be definitely a plus. You willbe a part of a design team named “base standard group” which is targetingcritical and standard circuits common to all DRAM related memory products.

In this position, you will be responsible for the development, design,optimization, verification, for block level circuits to all DRAM relatedprojects at Micron. Use of both analog and digital CMOS design skills needed towork on the various circuits you would be responsible for.  Alsoresponsible for working with Product Engineering to verify silicon performancevs simulation performance of circuits you design. Some of the circuits wetarget are I/O's, voltage regulators, generators, amplifiers, oscillators,pumps, translators, repair related circuits, DLL, PLL and standard controllogic. Will also work with Process integration and transistormodeling personnel in designing the circuits to be used on Micron's nextleading edge process node.

You will work closely with Micron's various design teams in US/Japan andother countries and leverage vast resources available throughout Micron'sglobal sites. Additionally, you will provide layout supervision, as well asoptimize layout throughout post-layout simulations. So good communicationskills is necessary.


Successful candidates for this position will have:

- Both analog and digital design and simulation experience required.

- Past circuit debug experience through Product Engineering  orequivalent preferred.

- Experience inside memory industry of either flash or dram, a plus.

- Proficiency with UNIX and CADENCE design environment (Simulation,Schematic entry, SPF extraction)

- Experience with circuit verification and optimization including layoutverification and parasitic extractions of the circuits

- Strong communication skills with the ability to convey complextechnical concepts to other design peers both verbally and written

- The ability to work independently and in teams.

- Understanding of device physics and basic CMOS processing techniquespreferred

- Experience with PERL (or other scripting language), a plus.

- Highly motivated and self starter

- Multi-tasking ability is a must for a Basestd circuit designer as wework with all product types (commodity, mobile, graphics) and product teams inparallel with silicon validation efforts.

- Strong English skill in both writing and speaking is must, and good atJapanese language is a plus.


MSEE + 3  or BSEE + 5 years’ post graduate mixmodeor analog circuit design experience.
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