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[招聘] 招聘无线联接通信基带MODEM通讯算法系统架构师/设计经理上海

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招聘通信系统算法设计师/经理,有无线连接或蜂窝电话基带算法设计经验,包括物理层,协议栈。熟悉多种无线通讯标准包括BT,BLE,ZIGBEE, 802.11abgn, 等
  • Developing practical implementations of transceiver algorithms, carefully architected for low-power and high-throughput.
  • Simulating and verifying the performance of these implementations with other teams.
  • Development and debugging of bit and cycle accurate models of these algorithms.
  • Chip bring-up, performance testing/evaluation, and trouble-shooting problems.
  • Strong fundamentals in digital communications, signal processing, and hardware design.
  • Design and implementation experience in wireless communication architectures.
  • Proficiency in C/C++ and Matlab/Simulink are required.
  • Experience in wideband single carrier or OFDM receivers is a plus.
  • Background in RTL design and analog/RF is desirable.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as Perl, TCL, and Python is a plus.
  • Experience with lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, etc. is desirable.
  • Good communication skills and willingness to interact with various groups within the company.

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