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多伦多大学Analog Design课程 的Tutorial Papers,包括RF、OP、OSC、AD、DA

多伦多大学Analog Design课程 的Tutorial Papers,包括RF、OP、OSC、AD、DA

Tutorial Papers on Analog Circuits

This collection was compiled from the term papers of graduate students in  ECE1352 and ECE1371 graduate courses. They are

intended as a literature survey to specific topics in analog circuits. The highlighted papers are recommended reading. I hope

you will find them useful.

RF Wireless Circuits
Dennis Ma                            RF Receiver Systems and Circuits
Stephen Yue                          RF mixer circuit Linearization Techniques
Mohammed El Kawokgy,     Low-Power RF mixer circuits
Hossein Alizadeh         Active and Passive CMOS mixers
Alan Poon,             RF Power Amplifiers
Nora Yan,                 On-chip image rejection techniques for RF receivers
Jeff Chow                     RF Image-Reject Receivers
Raymond Koo,                     RF Transmitter circuits
HongFeng Dong,                 IQ phase generation circuits
Paul Westergaard              CMOS LNA's
Su Tarn Lim,                         Distortion analysis of a LNA
Theodoros Chalvatzis         *60GHz Radio Circuit Blocks
Chihou Lee                         *Ultra wideband RF circuit Blocks
Terry Yao                            *RF transmitter Circuits

Aichin Chung                      LC oscillators: Theory and Design
Marcus van Ierssel             Oscillator phase noise and jitter
Boris Krnic                      Phase noise of VCOs
Imran Ahmed                 Wide Range Tuning in CMOS LC-VCOs
Jeff Wilkin,                           VCO circuits
Fang Fang,         Phase noise of oscillators
Fahad Qureshi*Travelling Wave Oscillators
Adesh Garg                *VCO's Using Integrated Transformers

Timing Recovery Circuits
Kostas Pagiamtzis              Phase Interpolating Circuits
Robert Przyslupski              Frequency regenerative dividers
Eric Hu                         Low-Voltage Phase-locked Loop Design Techniques
Faisal Musa                 Noise Analysis of PLL and System Trade-offs
Jonathan Cheung             Low-jitter phase locked loops
Selvarkkumaran Selvaranam*Fully Digital Phase Locked Loops
Ricky Lau                             *Phase Detector Circuits

Operational Amplifiers
Eliyahu Zamir                 Low voltage opamp design Techniques
Tony Pialis                             Low voltage, low power op amp design
Ricky Yuen                     Low-Voltage Switched-Op amp Circuits
Ahmed Gharbiya         Op Amps Rail to Rail Input Stages Using Complementary Differential Pairs

Analog Building Blocks
Isaac Martinez G.,              AGC circuits: Theory and design
Joyce Wong,                     Sample and Hold Circuits
Shahriar Shahramian        *High Speed Track and Hold Amplifier
Raymond Tam             CMOS Variable Gain Amplifiers
Stephen Liu                 Universal Active Elements
Samira Naraghi,                 Low-Power comparators
Duy Nguyen                        *High-Speed Current-based Comparators
Altan Hazneci                      Current feedback Amps
Donny Mota                          Fully-Differential Op Amps and Common Mode Feedback Circuit Design
Igor Arsovski,                     Low Power sense amplifiers
Louie Pylarinos,                     Charge Pump Circuits
Yiqian Ying,                         Chopper-Stabilized Amplifiers

Reference Circuits
Tim Lo,                             Low Power/Low Voltage CMOS Bandgap references
Afshin Haftbaradaran,         Basic and advanced current references

Optical Interface Circuits
Ricardo Aroca,             Laser Drivers Circuits  
Natalie Wong,         CMOS Integrated Photodiodes and Transimpedance Amplifiers
Raymond Tang,             Fiber Optic Preamplifiers

Data Converters
Jorge Varona,             Power DACs using Sigma-Delta and PW modulation
Trevor Caldwell             Clock Jitter and Excess Loop Delay in Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators
Richard Fung                 Improving Accuracy of A/D Converters
David Halupka             IAnalysis of Sample-Hold Circuits for A/D Converters
Navid Yaghini                 Mismatch Shaping for Multi-bit Delta-Sigma ADCs
Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh,     Power reduction techniques in pipelined A/D converters
Farshid Rezaei,         Mismatch effects on Bandpass delta-sigma modulators
Daniel Chung            *Improving Accuracy of Pipelined A/D converters
Raf Karakiewicz         *Dynamic Element Matching for Oversampled DACs

Analog Signal Processing
Vincent Law,             Programmable Analog Circuits
Anthony Chan         *Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAA)
Robert Wang                 Performance Limitations of Switched-Capacitor Filters due to Finite Gain
Jonathan Sewter         Decision Feedback Equalizers for Magnetic Recording
Jenkin Wong                 *High Speed Equalizer Circuits
Mike Bichan                    *Switched-current Circuits
Ashkan Olyaei                *Active Pixel Sensor Circuits
Analog Techniques
Michael Gordon          *Bulk Driven Op Amp Circuits
Analog Circuit Applications
Wahidul Islam                 Survey of Implanted Devices for Neuroprosthesis

Power Microelectronics
Olivier Trescases             Integrated "Smart Power" IGBT Drivers
Tsz Shuen Chan          * Integrated "Smart Power" IGBT Drivers

Analog Circuit Design Methods
Navid Azizi,             Automated Analog Circuit Design Using Genetic Algorithms
Dennis Wu                     Computer Automated Design of Analog Circuits Technology Trends
Shahla Honarkhah,               Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits using Porous Silicon
Vivian Ma,                  SOI vs CMOS analog circuits
Kevin Ng,                 CMOS vs. charge-coupled device Imagers

Circuit Theory
Mohamed Abdulla             Distortion analysis in Analog circuits
Euhan Chong,          The Volterra Series and Distortion Analysis

Device Modeling
Sean Nicolson                 Advanced Compact MOSFET Model and its Application to Inversion Coefficient Based Circuit Design
Agnes Tam,             Modeling and practical considerations for integrated capacitors
Vincent Mui,             Modeling of Substrate Noise Coupling
Behnam Mohammadi          Modeling of Silicon-compatible On-chip Inductors
Chetan Mistry                        Polymer Circuits
Truong Long Giang     MOSFET Device Modelling for Analog Circuit Design
Kenneth Yau                *MOSFET modeling for RF Circuit Design
Alain Mangan                *Device Noise Modeling and Simulation

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Analog Circuits.part02.rar (3.81 MB)

part03 and part04

Analog Circuits.part03.rar (3.81 MB)

Analog Circuits.part04.rar (3.81 MB)



Analog Circuits.part05.rar (3.81 MB)

Analog Circuits.part06.rar (3.81 MB)

Analog Circuits.part07.rar (374.37 KB)

















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