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[求助] 求书Advances in Planar Filters Design

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Advances in Planar Filters Design
Microwave filters are the basic building blocks of communication systems. These filters, having reliable and scalable filter topologies with and without tunable properties, are capable of controlling different frequency bands as well as their fractional bandwidth to meet different system needs. There have been significant advances in the synthesis and physical realisation of microwave filter networks, and the design and applications for communication systems. This edited book presents recent advances in planar filter design. It covers a wide range of different design types, technologies and applications for wireless, microwave, communications and radar systems. Written by academic professionals from around the world, this book offers a global perspective on the latest developments in this area. Advances in Planar Filters Design is essential reading for R&D engineers, specialists, research students and academics working on the topic of RF/microwave filters and related system applications and other specialists in RF/microwave engineering

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Good book THX LZ
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Thanks for the share
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