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[招聘] 【AMD】GPU Compute Model Architect

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We are now looking for an GPU Architect. If you have interest, pls. send your resume to

AMD GPU is the engine to promote the Performance per Watt, Performance per Dollar and  Performance per mm^2. .

The AMD Radeon Technologies Group are looking for world class GPU architects to join and lead our effort to advance the state of graphics engine. Our team is designing the fastest and most efficient architectures for Deep Learning, Game, VR.

What you'll be doing:
•        Build  C++ model to predict performance, power and reliability for next generation architecture
•        Evolved Innovation of GPU architectures to extend the state of the art in performance, efficiency, programmability and reliability
•        Analyze, Model and Tuning the key algorithms of Deep Learning, High Performance Computing,  Game and VR.
•        Design, and develop tools to analyze, simulate, validate, and verify the key applications’ performance
•        Collaborate across the global company to guide the direction of GPU architect, working with software, research

What we need to see:
•        MS Degree in relevant discipline (CS, EE, Math) with 2~6 years. PhD helpful
•        Strong programming skills in C or C++
•        Strong background in computer architecture, parallel processing and/or high performance computing
•        Big plus with Computer Graphics, CPU, or Driver Experience
•        Plus with System-C experience
•        Experience in characterizing and modeling system-level performance or power, executing comparison studies, and documenting and publishing results
•        Optional/Plus - Strong programming skills in OpenGL, DirectX, Perl, or Ruby/Python
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