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[招聘] 【上海】美满电子科技Marvell嵌入式软件工程师

[招聘] 【上海】美满电子科技Marvell嵌入式软件工程师

Job Title: Software/Senior Software Engineer-Wireless
Location: Shanghai
Software/Senior Software engineer is to work on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth software development and platform integration for Marvell Wireless Software Team. Currently, we need more engineers to work on new features, projects, (such as Treepie) and key customer support.
Job Content
1) Develop WiFi and Bluetooth device driver and firmware for Marvell wireless SoCs.
2) Develop WiFi and BT/BLE Coexistence software for Marvell wireless SoCs.
3) Develop system software and applications to enable advanced use cases utilizing Marvell WiFi/Bluetooth technologies.
4) Work on system integration and performance tuning of WiFi/Bluetooth subsystems including WiFi and BT protocol stack on multiple platforms including, Android, Linux and Windows etc.
5) Support Linux open source community for Marvell WiFi/Bluetooth chipsets based software including mwifiex driver etc.
6) Support customers remotely or onsite as needed
1) MS in EE, CE, CS or equivalent is required
2) 3+ year experience after MS is required for senior position.
2) Fluent in English (spoken and written) is required
3) Experience with C programming and debugging is required
4) Knowledge of TCP/IP is required
5) Knowledge of SDIO/USB/PCIE is preferred
6) Knowledge of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/ Coexistence is preferred
7) Experience with Linux kernel and driver development is preferred
8) Experience with firmware development on embedded system is preferred

职能类别:嵌入式软件开发(Linux/单片机/PLC/DSP…) 电子软件开发(ARM/MCU...)


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