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[招聘] NO.262-Mechanical Engineer(Shanghai)

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Mechanical Engineer responsible for new product design of Solid State Drive (SSD) and other cost reduction efforts.  This candidate will work at *** ShanghAI, and will report directly to Engineering manager.   The major responsibility is for activities related to mechanical design and support.  This will include:
• Involve design of new (SSD) enclosures by working with *** US and Israel team.
• Conduct Tolerance stack up analysis for new enclosures designs.
• Support R&D activities using local China suppliers of connectors, plastics, labels, and metal components.
• Support SSD product label format design and labeling process.
• Develop for Custom shipment labeling, packaging, and palletization for OEM SSD product, or bulk packing for retail SSD product.
• Create mechanical documents, drawings, BOM’s, ECO’s for new products as needed.  (Solidworks and Agile)
• Perform DOE for new products.
• Support Contractor Manufacturer (CM) SSD backend mech assembly and labeling, packing activities.
• Failure Analysis support for SSD any mech part and mech assembly related failure.
• Attends weekly staff meeting by conference call.

• This position requires a background in mechanical engineering relating to design and manufacture of consumer products.  Candidate must have working knowledge of AutoCad, Solidworks, and Adobe Illustrator, Pro/Engineer optional.   Candidate must have good knowledge of manufacturing processes and assembly methods such as; sheetmetal stamping, material finishes (painting and plating), plastic molding, metal casting, ultrasonic welding, fastening, process control, and qualification.   Basic understanding of thermal management for pcb components and materials used for connectors.  English communications, both verbal and written, must be good.  Must be able to travel to SDUS for 3 months training.
BSME degree or equivalent.
KEY WORDS:    Mechanical Engineer, Design, Solidworks, AutoCad, Pro/Engineer, Lids, Plastics, Sheetmetal,  Casting,  English, SSD, R&D, FA

KT Human Resources Consulting Company (Shanghai) was established in 2001 in response to a need for a recruitment consultancy to be an active, contributing member of the semiconductor community, as opposed to simply a supplier to it.We provide professional search and talent acquisition in the Integrated Circuit、Electronic、Telecommunications industry of international corporations in Greater China. Our client list contains numerous international companies, many of them are long-term customers.
If you interested in the job, pls sent your cv to:, thanks!
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